A Mid South Investigations: offers a wide variety of discreet, professional services.

  • Injury Liability

  • Violent Crimes

  • Civil Liability

  • Fraud

  • Homicides

  • Witness Locates

  • Interviews

  • Domestic Investigations

  • Background Investigations

  • Missing Persons

  • Claim Verifications

  • Surveillance Equipment Rentals

  • Nanny Cams Tracking (Real-time & Historical)

  • Tracking (Real-time & Historical)

We offer Investigators with more then 55 years of combined experience; with backgrounds in Law enforcement, Corporate Investigations and Civil Process.

Our interview skills are fine tuned; using our observation abilities with body language, false memories, stress analogist and cognitive thought processes.

Our staff of Female and Male Investigators are here to assist you in all of your investigative needs.

All services, where warranted, will be accompanied by a written report (or oral, dependent upon your wishes), background information, and video/photographs.

As new technology is released; our inventory is upgraded to provide the highest quality of surveillance available. This would include vehicle trackers for your teenagers who said they are at “Johnnies” and went to the party you told them not to attend!